Training Manager - trained position report bugs, 2

Admin - please append this follow up to Training Manager - trained position report bugs

@RonaldBlaisdell I have checked the reporting and found the following:

  1. Corrected. New Member Coordinator is no longer incorrectly listed for this person.
  2. Nova and Supernova training is not showing under completions, even though BSA IT says they were completed in 2010. How do I correct this?
  3. Corrected. NMC no longer shows.
  4. No change. For Pack Trainer, the system seems to be not checking for completion of the in-person class D70 Fundamentals of Training, previously known as Train the Trainer (Fundamentals).
  5. No change. For Cubmaster/Assistant of Lions/Lone Cubs, seems to not be checking for the same things as for Cubmaster/Assistant for Tigers/Cub Scouts/Webelos.
  1. Was deleted, and indicated as Deleted in ScoutNet so there is nothing to correct.

I have asked for another update on the last two.

Sorry, I understood that he did complete the training -

and did not think to apply your report of deleted training to his account -

So, the result is #2 is still showing in error trained for Nova Counselor and Supernova Mentor.


These two IDs were checked, and this is what was reported:
MID136918817 – We show there are completed courses as a Pack Trainer as part of the LDS program. If this is not the case, then I can create a ticket to mark recored as deleted to remove from displaying in Training Manager.

MID133703162 – This could be a data issue when it was first entered in ScoutNET. We show both trained positions marked as expired, not deleted, so we display them. Same as above, I can create a ticket to mark it as deleted to remove from displaying in Training Manager.

So, just let me know.

Now - are you saying that Nova & SuperNova still show for MID136811779?

@DougWright I just got my wired crossed talking about 5 people all at once. “For MID136811779 – This is correct. Back in 2010 we show he completed Nova Counselor and Supernova Mentor course to be trained”