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Still cannot access Internet Advancement 2.0

@KathrynMartinez1 - I give up…Just for my entertainment, can you log into ? Is that the same credentials you are using at ?

We don’t use scoutbook. And yes, going through, signing in, and then accessing IA 2.0 gives me the message I have said several times on this forum thread. The system says that I do not have the correct designation to access the data. Committee members do not have the ability to access roster or advancement data for the troop. My committee chair has corrected my designation that was changed at the IA 2.0 rollover. I am still waiting to hear from a human being from the people but all their auto replies refer me to password FAQs (not the problem) and that they’ll “try” and get back to me within 72 hours. I know I’m just a scouting volunteer but being that I own and operate a very successful business, I can tell that this roll out has had unacceptable problems that have not been fixed … losing eagle rank designations for scouts and losing scouts completely from the troop rosters are merely two of the more egregious.

@KathrynMartinez1 - I know you do not use scoutbook… That URL is The URL for IA2 is and that is what I have been trying to point out. At this point can the CC access IA 2 and run what is needed ? What designation was given to you by the CC ?

the designation of Unit Advancement Chair is automatically erased every year at recharter - the system has done that for nearly 2 decades. It has nothing to do with IA2 - there are Hundreds of TM uploads everyday into the new platform with no problem.

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Which is why charter as a troop we always update adult positions as we are supposed to do. Two point no did not roll out at the charter time. My designation was the award coordinator. There was no reason, no valid reason, for my designation to be changed at rollover. And from this forum I can see that I I am not the only person that has experienced this problem. Some of the problems that I see from this rollout like losing Eagle rank designations and losing scouts completely from the roster, tell me that there are some significant issues still within the system. We are volunteers. Not paid employees. These types of issues should not have rolled down the way they have. It Should have never affected the scouts the way this is happening. We have multiple scouts in our troop trying to deal with eagle applications. Other troops have completely lost scouts from their rosters.

@KathrynMartinez1 - have you personally processed a recharter ?

I believe for the roles (and tools access) defined in my.Scouting tools Organization Security Manager automatically expire at the end of the calendar year. Some access is based on the registered position code which may have a non-calendar charter year.

For the last couple of years I have had to have a district key-3 leader reset my district roles and tools access in early January and again in March. My merit badge counselor registration is renewed in July by the council registrar.

There can be a gap between a position or role ending and being manually renewed.

A number of tools have their own separate user login databases

I see you are getting nowhere, so I will try to help. I am the Advancement Coordinator for a troop and use Troopmaster Web 2.0 (TM 2.0) and Internet Advancement 2.0 (IA 2.0) successfully, but it was not easy at the start. First, my Troop Committee Chair tried to give me access by designating me as the Advancement Coordinator without success; then, he was successful in designating me as a Key-3 Delegate, which worked in my case. When using TM 2.0 and IA 2.0, you must use one of the ‘acceptable’ web browsers. Apple Safari won’t work. I use Firefox. The process from there has been laborious but workable. It would be easier to go into details I think if we talked on the phone. Kathryn, send me an email and I will send you my telephone number, so that we can try to work things out over the phone. Email

@HubertShaffer UAC can get into IA2.0 - can you go to and check your Profile and see if you see Unit Advancement Chair?

No, I’m not listed as UAC in my profile. This is the first time that I had checked. My Troop Committee Chair, who is a university computer systems supervisor, indicated that he had entered me as such.

A Key 3 needs to go to > unit area > Organization Security Manager > and assign you as Unit Advancement Chair - NOTE: This erases itself every year at recharter.

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Dumb question, but has the position been approved - a check box on the positions page. First step is to assign the position and in many cases; the second step - approve it (sometimes approved when the start date is added.)

Kathryn, We are TM users also. I had my Committee Chair:

  • Login to
  • Go into Member Manager for the unit in question (he is part of 3 units, so which one IS important!)
  • Designate me as “Key 3 + 3” and another member as “Unit Advancement Chair”

I waited a day.

Then I could login and use Internet Advancement 2.0, which has a different login:
but I use my single sign-on ID and password to login (the same one I use for

From here, everything is visible and works like it should … but the format and path to the given tasks are completely different.

Having retired from an IT job where I had to help people make significant changes like this one is, I think they did many things right. The one place where I might change things is that every year, until the recharter process has been completed by Council, you will not be able to do anything until/unless you are REdesignated as either UAC or key 3+3. This is very inconvenient when your CoH is the second week in January (IMHO)!

I hope this helps. If you have other things I, as a fairly experienced TM user would be happy to help. Just re-post and I will see if I have experience in this area.