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Suggestion for SSO

I would like to recommend the following:
I know the BSA is setting up the SSO for some of their online services such as scoutbook and my.scouting but I think people would be better served if all bsa systems were part of this. So I propose that all bsa systems have an SSO linked with ones BSA ID (my.scouting account) I have counted and have found that I have 7 bsa related accounts, which I think is to many.
I think the following should be a part of the BSA single sign on:
-Scouting Fourms
-OA:Arrow ID
-Boy’s Life
-Scouting Magazine
-Internet Advancement
-High Adventure base account
-local BSA council accounts
-And other BSA related accounts not listed here
What do you think about this and is is a feasible feature to implement.


SSO is currently used for Scoutbook, Scouting Forums, my.scouting.org, and Internet Advancement.

Expanding it to other systems is not a simple task. I do not know what the BSA’s plans are for SSO going forward.

This is a great idea. Some are done, some are left todo. OA Arrow ID would be an obvious next step. There is a decent amount of overlap with info there.

Maybe getting all to support google or apple login would go a long way to a SSO even if the data isn’t shared between systems.

Scouting Fourms
Internet Advancement

Not sure if part of SSO
Jamboree login

Good start of a list of systems that need to be added
OA:Arrow ID
Boy’s Life
Scouting Magazine
High Adventure base account

Would be hard, but great idea
Other local BSA council accounts

I think arrow id is a good next step to. Also the scoutshop we be good to.

Functionally, Arrorw ID is more like the last set on your list, in that they’re all third-party applications (i.e. not BSA IT). So, until BSA IT offers external parties (or at least OA IT) access to their SSO, you won’t see this anytime soon.

That said, I’ve heard that Arrow ID will eventually move to requiring a BSA ID number. That means folks won’t be confused by having a different OA number… and instead will just have to deal with their various council/national-specific BSA IDs (which I know we all love). But that doesn’t solve the separate login problem.

Personally, I do not like logging into sites with my Apple or Google IDs. I know it’s convenient, and as a UX designer I’m all for that, but it also adds complexity to the interface, confusion (which SSO did I use?), and personally I like keeping my big accounts separate.

The good news is, we seem to be moving in the right direction towards a single BSA login… but it will take some more time to get all systems on board and all the kinks worked out (like the training site).

I actually never choose the 3rd party logins. I’m glad
I’ve done this as I have moved pretty far away from google and Facebook (still use a lot of Apple).

There is some integration OA they are planning to be rolled out soon. Does the OA straight up contract out their work? Funny it isn’t managed by BSA IT.

If is better that trying to figure what username/password you used. There are only 4 real multi-site SSO (Apple,Amazon,Google, and Facebook)

Would you believe it started as an all volunteer project (see the OALM History), and remains one to this day?

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Awesome history and work. Thanks for sharing!