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How can I check for my troop who is missing their SSO? I want to be able to contact them and walk them through the setup process. We have a number of scouts with Scoutbook accounts; I don’t want them to lose access.

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Scouts and parents should automatically have SSO by using scoutbook. They should be able to log into my.scouting using their email address.


I know in a discussion I was in yesterday it was mentioned they already have SSO. I was going to check with some parents today but your statement cleared things up. In the past few years you could not use an email for my scouting. I don’t think many people realize they can use the Scoutbook email logon to get into my.scouting.

So if they haven’t signed into “myscouting,” they won’t have an SSO. The only reason to sign into “myscouting” is for training.

So, to clarify, if a scout or parent is already connected to their Scoutbook account with an email address and password, is there any action that they need to take to ensure that they will still be able to log in after 28 October? The help document at implies that parents need take no action, but doesn’t say anything about scouts connected to their accounts. Are the scouts similarly able to “do nothing” and it will remain the same?

Do these warnings really only apply to adult leaders, or are they also relevant to adult Unit Participants (e.g. scouts with time extensions, Venturers and Sea Scouts over 18)? I’m trying to avoid email armageddon on 28 October if large numbers of scouts/parents lose access to Scoutbook all at once. At the same time, I don’t want to see them creating different problems by creating new accounts at my.scouting thinking that it’s necessary to avoid losing access to Scoutbook.

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If an account is not setup for SSO, the banner on every page will be:

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OK, so I need to have the scouts, parents and leaders login, look for that banner, and follow the instructions if the banner is present. Knowing the typical user base, “What could possibly go wrong?” :rofl:

Seriously, though, the typical non-leader adult (at least in our unit) doesn’t use Scoutbook on a regular basis, so I’m a bit surprised that the BSA chose to use a dismissable banner as a method to provide essential information.

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@CharleyHamilton This one is not dismissible

Ah. It was yellow, and those were usually dismissible in the Scoutbook color scheme. My mistake. :^)

It’s also been there for almost two years

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So there is no way to check for accounts that need an SSO. Sigh, email armageddon may be inevitable.

Not the one I was seeing. It was new (at least to me) and did not look quite like the one @edavignon posted. That’s what prompted me to ask.

There’s also this one that EVERYONE sees and is dismissible. Is there a 3rd one?

Nope. That’s the the “new” one to which I was referring.

Of course, this is a great time to rollout a system change as we are trying to recharter by October 31st. Perfect timing by BSA- yet again!

Yes, it’s an awkward time to force the change, but to be fair, SSO has been available for a very long time…

Probably it’s necessary to force the change to make stragglers change over, otherwise they never would.

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So is everyone getting the yellow banner (the help page says you get the banner if not in SSO). I’m an admin and getting the dismissable banner and KNOW I have SSO and can see my.scouting stuff from Scoutbook and verified my BSA ID is correct in both places. I have parents who do not have my.scouting accounts getting SSO alerts and things aren’t working right for them. This parent should have SSO in theory already because the parent accounts for most of our troop were created AFTER SSO went into effect.


I sent you a private message so we can investigate. Click on the white C in green circle in the upper right corner of your forum window.

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