Swim classification can't be edited?

Hello all,

I am attempting to update my Scouts’ swim classification status after camp. One of them - 136441058 (initals TR) - had a swim classification status last year and it is not letting me change it to his new status from this year. (Last year he was beginner - this year he passed at the “swimmer” level.) I am the Cubmaster so from what I understand - I should be able to change that - but I can’t. It says “*Swimming and medical fields editable by admin only” What should I do?


It seems like you should be able to - are you under the Den or the Pack?

LOL - I was just coming to delete this! You are too good! I kept playing with it and figured it out. I did not realize there was an option to change my role in IA - When I did all the other scouts - I was logged in as the CM - but when it was my own - it defaulted to Parent. Thank you Donovan - you are the best!

Yeah - we are in hot and heavy discussions over that

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What were you in as @EricaReed1 so I can pass that on

It defaulted to the Parent role when I went into my own Scout’s account - not the Cubmaster role.

yeah @EricaReed1 makes sense but does not make sense

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