Swimming and medical fields editable by admin only

I am Scoutmaster but unable to change Swimming Classification and Swimming Classification Date for one of my scouts. BSA Member ID for scout is 13975219.

I noticed the * at the bottom which says “Swimming and medical fields editable by admin only.” Does Scoutmaster not count as admin where the Youth Profile is concerned?

The person needs to be a troop admin in addition to the role in the unit - see the small red text under the person’s name. I think Scoutmasters get the admin role, but maybe can have it removed.


Does the scout happen to have a mobile phone number entered, but no carrier selected?

I had this issue when trying to edit my profile earlier. It took a while to realize there was a hidden error higher up on the page.

I read in another thread that a fix is in the works, that would allow you to leave the field blank without error.


Thanks! That was the problem.

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