Cannot input or update medical form dates


I am a committee member, and have full admin rights to Boy Scout Troop 71. However, when I try to update medical form dates for the scouts or leaders, I am given an error message saying I do not have permission to make updates.

Unauthorized to update SB user profile

Please help.
Jennifer Wetherbee

That might now be restricted to Key 3 and Key 3 delegates, and possibly also Scoutbook Unit Admins. I’m not exactly clear who can edit profile now that it’s moved into IA2.

ETA: Looking back at your post, @JennWetherbee, have you tried the work-around of reapproving your Troop Admin role? That might (or might not) have nothing to do with the access in IA. However, it’s relatively easy to do if you’re a unit admin.

Go to Scoutbook → My Dashboard → Administration → My Units → Unit Roster → your name

Then, click on your Troop Admin position, make sure the approval box is ticked, and click the big red button at the bottom. The work around is path dependent, so you can’t just go through My Positions.

Sometimes the unit admin roles get messed up in the background, and look fine despite having been glitched. It’s happened to me intermittently, so I’ve become very familiar with the work-around.

Hello. I tried un-checking and re-checking that box, and it still is not working. I was able to make these medical form updates a month or so - but then it just stopped working.

I also do not see the link to make a “Quick Update” fo medical forms like I used to - from the main troop page.

Maybe you are right, that I need more permissions. I will speak to my Scoutmaster.

Yeah, the profile information was moved off of Scoutbook interface to the IA2 interface about a month ago now (August 9, 2022 Scoutbook Updates). As a result, the Quick Entry interface that used to work for that information (via the Feature Assistant Extension, I think) will no longer work, as it essentially automated the series of button clicks to execute the changes. Thus, with no Scoutbook interface to update the information, the extension can’t “reach” the information.

I’m a big advocate of subscribing to the Scoutbook, IA2 and other change log categories. I wouldn’t know half of what’s going on without it. You can subscribe by going to the category at the top level, the clicking on the bell icon to set it to “Watching”. It will email updates to that category. Only the SUAC posts to the changelogs, so there aren’t a ton of messages to inundate your inbox.


Jenn had Unit Admin role in Scoutbook, but was unable to change medical dates. We made her a Key 3 Delegate in Organization Manager on my.scouting, and this worked.

With Unit Admin rights in SB, she should be able to manipulate the dates without the extra step of making her a K3D. If you have the ear of those who can write in those permissions for SB Unit Admin, please ask them for a fix.

We should not have to change roles in two different systems to make this work.


I wish I had connections! Hopefully the SUAC folks can let developers know this is an issue. I think that only having six people (K3 + K3D) in a unit who can correct profiles is a clunky approach.


And even then, K3 should not be in the business of updating profiles, IMHO. They need to be free of that role to address the thousand other things needed to run a unit smoothly.

Thanks for your support!

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