Swimming requirement exception


I would like to find out what is the process if a scout has skin issues and his dematologist has provided a letter stating that taking swimming classes causing skin issues for this scout.

This scout has not been able to complete his swimming requirement in second class rank and due to this he is not able to advanced.

Does anyone how what is the process to discuss this with the Council advancement committee so he can get an exception? I presume this type of case has come up before.

The specific comment from the Dematologist in letter provided to the BSA adult leaders, Scout Master, Committee chair and Advancement chair of the troop;

Due to medical condition which flares during swimming, please allow Scout X to be exempt from swimming acitivities or provide alternative activity to participate in.

What is the process for the Troop adult leaders to consider this exception and who can this brought to in the BSA Council?

Looking to find a resolution for this issue.

Thank you!

@NavaidKhan - this is not the venue for this. I suggest that the unit leader contact council.


@NavaidKhan Please contact your local council service center. They can help put you in contact with the correct person.

Unfortunately, this is not the type of question we can entertain here. We are limited to tech questions.

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