Switch between 2016 and 2022-2023 reset all progress

I clicked the 2016 option while viewing a specific scouts rank advancement, only because I was curious what the old 2016 requirements were. However, when I switched back to 2022-2023 all of the progress they had towards the 2022-2023 requirements had disappeared. Is there any place to find an audit log of previously completed or removed requirements?

Also, this seems like a bug that it would reset all of the requirements for the other version of the requirements when switching between the two options.


That is not supposed to happen. What did you switch from 2022 to 2016 and back?

On the first class advancement, for a single scout, I clicked the 2016 button, viewed those requirements for a few minutes, and then clicked back to 2022-23. The scout has not yet completed first class, but was very close, most of the requirements were marked as complete.

After it loaded back the 2022-23 requirements all of the checkboxes were blank. I refreshed the page, logged out and back in, and hoped all of the completed requirements would return. But all of the requirements remained blank as if nothing had been completed. Luckily I knew that all but the last couple were complete since we are preparing for a board of review soon with the scout. And our committee might have a fairly recent paper copy we could update some of the dates so it is more accurate.

I’m using a desktop browser, Safari, on a Mac – in case that helps debug the issue.

I saw this on first class today testing but after refresh and going between versions all populated again

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