Scoutbook rank requirements still showing 2016 requirements

Scoutbook has the 2016 requirements listed when all ranks are to be using the 2023 requirements According to Minor Modifications to Scouts BSA Rank Requirements | Boy Scouts of America

Some scouts have the 2016 and 2023 requirements listed separately and some have “2016-2023” showing the new requirement changes.


Not sure why any scout has 2016 requirements at all…

Thanks for the feedback.

A Scout would show both the 2016 and 2022-23 versions if any requirement was marked complete on the 2016 version prior to it being retired.

All Scouts should be on the 2022-23 version if they have not yet completed Scout, however, because the version are not linked, we allow leaders to switch between them so they can manually migrate requirements from the 2016 to 2022-23 page.

If you are seeing 2016-2023 that is a bug. I’ll ask the developers to investigate.


Where are you seeing 2016-2023. You should only see 1 button with a -2023. The first year is the last time that rank was updated so it is valid from 2016-2023.

I don’t know if it is related, but my son is showing 2016-2023 for ranks completed prior to the changes. I believe it used to show the version he had completed only, rather than the “hybrid” numbering.

ETA: It also appears to be occurring for merit badges he completed prior to the changes.

ETA2: It’s pervasive with all of the scouts in my unit that I’ve checked. Completed ranks and merit badges all appear to show up with the 2016-2023 tag. There was one I saw for Personal Fitness merit badge, which showed as 2020-2023. Presumably there was a revision to the badge in 2020, since it was earned in 2021.

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