2016 vs 2022 requirements

I have two scout that are new to the troop, they were cubs. For the rank of Scout it has them using 2016 requirements. For the rank of Tenderfoot one goes to 2022 and the other stays at 2016. By Second Class they are all 2022. Why? How do I change them to 2022 requirements?

just click the 2022 date at top if the rank is not earned

These scouts came to the troop level this year, why are these to using v2016?

Who knows - I will look at it on test server - but is a simple fix

I just made a new scout and all are on 22 - maybe the scout or parent was clicking around - who knows

It depends upon WHEN the Scout entered the troop and started working on requirements. The 2022 requirements did not take effect until mid-year. Scouts are able to continue on the old requirements until they earn the next rank (or First Class if not yet there) or December 31, 2022.

Scoutbook automatically switched any Scout that did not have any requirements completed to the 2022 version. If the Scout had one requirement complete, that rank remained on the old version.

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