Rank Advancement deleted by viewing a past year

I clicked the 2016 tab to see which requirements my son met way back when. Upon returning to the 2022 tab, his 81% progress immediately went to zero. Is there a way to get this back?

@PhilOhme I just tried this on a scout - going back and forth a few times - and nothing was erased - on a second class rank

@PhilOhme What do you see when you go back to Second Class 2016?

Are the completed rank requirements still there?

@PhilOhme - just a thought… why would you do that?

@Stephen_Hornak I thought that there would be some marked off items in the 2016 tab that were not appearing in the 2022 tab.
@JenniferOlinger When I did this last year, I remember it showing everything as blank in the 2016 tab. Now when I try it today it just spins forever and hangs.

Update: I backed out of the spinner and now all of the data is restored! He is back to 89% and all the blue and green checkmarks are in there for 2nd class somehow. So strange. I am logging out and never pressing that 2016 button again.

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@PhilOhme - there we go lesson learned :slight_smile: sometimes it is best to leave things in the current version and not revert back

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