Switching Charters on Internet Rechartering 2.0

What would be the process for units rechartering with a different organization on Internet Rechartering 2.0? Units have the completed Unit Application Forms filled out by new Charter Org and release letter from old Charter Org.

I’d reach out to your council. My guess is one of two things needs to happen:

  1. They make changes to your recharter before you start
  2. They process it completely manually

Either way, they need to be involved.

Switching charters is not a recharter - it is a new unit - different process


We’re dealing with that in my council and it’s not a fully fleshed out process yet. I’m holding back on communicating the process more than it already has been. I don’t want units starting the online recharter if they ultimately can’t use online recharter at all so I’m awaiting clarity which I hope comes today.

We switched this year in my pack. We had to go through the process of creating a new unit. You need to contact your DE and Council Registrar to see how they want to do it.


Another troop in our district went through this. They had to create a “new unit” but they were able to keep their original unit number and the council registrar was able to easily transfer everything to their new scoutbook unit.


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