Changing Chartered Org Exec

I am working on rechartering our troop, but the church who is our chartered org. has a new pastor who is technically the chartered org. executive. When I asked council about how to change this on our recharter, I was told that I would need to submit a new troop application, just as if we were a brand new troop forming. The person who told me this seemed a little unsure though. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

@AmandaBuchanan - we just had a change in Executive Officer or Institutional Head as well and it was the new unit application with the XO information provided an dthe unit type and number filled out. Additionally, the President of the corporation, the business side of the church became the new IH/XO

Yes, that’s generally how I’ve seen it handled too. Not because it’s a new unit, but because that’s the only place that actually captures the XO’s info.


Same here. We are sponsored by the local Masonic Lodge and when they have a new Master of the Lodge I tack a filled out New Unit Application minus the new masters information to the kitchen bulletin board and ask him to please fill it out (I highlight what needs to be filled out), and ask that I am notified when it is filled out, I then make a copy, and send it off to Council.
Now if I could find a fillable form of the current New Unit Application I would be all set. Stay safe.


@JohnBurnham - as a past master and past grand lodge i can say that most lodges have a board of trustees that serve for three years which may offer less paperwork

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I would not expect the Chartered Organization CEO/EO (IH) change to be done in the unit internet recharter.

For traditional Scouting programs there are two levels of “charters”,

  1. one agreement with the organization, and
  2. a “unit charter” for each unit.

Organization recharter and CEO/EO (IH) changes

The old organization agreement was

When this form was updated it was apparently mis-titled as a unit agreement which has been causing confusion. The new form appears to be:

I would cross out the “Unit” in the title and fill in the first unlabelled field with the organizations name which should match the name in the BSA database. (Anyone know who we contract to get the title of this form fixed? Marketing?)

Pre-COVID-19 era, this form was signed by the new CEO/EO (IH) at a in-person meeting between the district executive (or his delegate, e.g. the district membership chair.) At this meeting the new CEO/Executive Officer (IH) would also be given a short marketing presentation about Scouting programs.

Depending upon how your religious organization is organized, the BSA® council may require a letter from the organizations CEO/EO allowing the pastor to legally act for the organization.

Some DEs use a highlighted adult application form to gather the organization (IH) information which may be different from the chartered organization representative (CR) contact information. But this incomplete form is usually not signed by the IH.

Chartered organization representative (CR) application

If the IH chooses to be CR:

Note: the CR application is separate adult member application,

Unit Recharter

I suspect the annual unit charter form, which I assume is also included in the online Internet Recharter, is

Non-traditional Scouting units and pilot programs

The annual legal paperwork and online renewals may be different.


I was able to change it in the internet recharter. I simply selected the Executive Officer and COR in the rechartering members list (both of which we were replacing) and removed them. Then I added the new people and selected their positions as Executive and COR accordingly and uploaded their paper application. The council told me that once the recharter finishes processing they will update the other stuff like the unit info. They did not require me to put in a new troop application and, unless the Exec has some other role in the pack, they did not have to run the background check either so they only needed to fill out the one page and ignored all the background stuff on the right side making it pretty quick.

If you go to the forms section of the BSA website there is a fillable PDF of the New Unit Application. Scouting Forms from the National Council | Boy Scouts of America I just googled it Monday and found it. It was nice to be able to type and not try to fill in all those little boxes.

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A word of caution on not going directly to forms is to confirm revisions each time. If they match, then use the fillable one.

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Katherine. Thank you for posting the link to the new fillable New Unit Application. I have been looking for a fillable form of this document for a few years. As you said, its nice to be able to type in the information and not fill in the little boxes. Thank you again. It greatly appreciated. Stay safe.

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