Syncing Bug between Unit Roster and Scoutbook

We have identified a sync bug between our Unit Roster and Scoutbook with one of our Pack Leaders that we are requesting assistance resolving. This is for Pack 706, Cardinal/Capital District, Heart of Virginia Council

(Name removed by admin), BSA Member Number 14842376 is on our roster as an Assistant Cubmaster, and briefly showed up as this role in Scoutbook before disappearing, and now he only shows up as the Lion parent (Name removed by admin)

Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated!

@MichaelRaymond1 this is all cleaned up - it will take overnight for positions to appear

@MichaelRaymond1 I would recommend that you contact your local council and ask them to use their Registrar Tools to look up the Scout.

In the Scout’s “Relationships” section, they should make sure that the parent is listed there under BSA member ID number 14842376. They should remove the other BSA member number.

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