My.scouting and Scoutbook Rosters not Synced

I have a scout who is a junior - same name as father. Our official Roster on my.scouting shows the youth on our roster with the correct BSA ID. Scoutbook, however, shows that the youth is not on our official roster and when you click on his profile it shows the father’s, who is the Sr, BSA ID. How do I fix this issue so that Scoutbook shows the correct person and so I can link the father to the son in Scoutbook? I hope this makes sense. I have screen shots of my.scouting and Scoutbook that show the issue and hopefully they’ve been uploaded correctly. Thank you.
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@PamelaNelson1 please do not post names - let me take a look at this

@PamelaNelson1 OK I think this is cleaned up - it will take a sync late this afternoon

@DonovanMcNeil, I also just noticed that in my.scouting all of our scouts are on our roster but for all the adults it has the yellow triangle indicating that all adults are “Not on official unit roster in my.Scouting.”. Please help get these synced. Thank you.

@DeatriceWilliams what does my.scouting say on adults?

My apologies on the name. Thank you for removing the screen shots. I just logged into Scoutbook and the youth is no longer on our roster on that platform, however he is still on the official my.scouting roster, so that’s good. I’ll check again in the morning to see if they’ve synced. Thank you so much for your help!

Problem fixed! He’s back on the roster and I just put him in a den. You are amazing!!! Thank you!! I wish I could bake you cookies! My District Executive and I have spent HOURS trying to figure this problem out. I greatly appreciate your help!!

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