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Unit College Scouter Reserve not in Troop Roster (SB)

We have two Scouts who recently aged out and were rechartered as Unit College Scouter Reserves. Both are correctly listed on our roster in member manager at my.scouting.org, but only one has converted to leadership in the troop roster. The other still shows in a patrol, but we have lost all connections to him. Is there a work around to get him back onto our roster in the correct postion.

How long ago did they both appear in the my.scouting roster? I’m wondering if there is just a time lag where one was added before the other, and it’s just the system catching up with the changed status of the second now-adult “scout”.

Do the BSA IDs match between the my.scouting roster and the Scoutbook accounts? It’s also possible that there’s a second account with a different BSA ID out there for one or both of the new adults.

If you look at the one who is still in the patrol, does the UCSR position appear under their leadership?

I have lost all connection to the one in the patrol, even though he’s on our Scoutbook roster.

We’ve seemed to have a bunch of new issues pop up in the last few days with our recharter posting.

Both are also registered with the crew.

Are you a unit admin? If so, you might try going to

Scoutbook → My Dashboard-> Administration → My Units → Unit Roster → Your Name

and approving/accepting the Unit Admin position again. Please note that the process is path dependent, so it doesn’t work by going via My Positions. I occasionally find that my admin role “glitches” and has to be reset. When that happens, I often lose access to youth in the unit, even though everything seems OK visually.

I am, I’m the troop committee chair. I’ve got access to him again, but he still shows as a Scout

His leadership shows no positions

do you know BSA # of on in patrol?

His BSA number is 127777974

OK the USR position never made it to SB. let me see about fixing that

that Scout was never marked an Adult in system - I fixed that. Not sure on the USR. I see it is an ended position in SB - you might want to check that on your end

Thank you so much! He’s showing up in our adult leader roster UCSR

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