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T-Shirt Size for scouts and leaders

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been signing us up for an event and needed all the attendee’s t-shirt sizes. This seems like it would be a simple add on to the scout and adult profile page.

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I dunno about simple, but I could see it being useful, assuming it’s kept up-to-date. That last part is what I would be suspicious of with most units. I think I’d feel safer just asking everybody each time, so we’re not relying on data that’s supposed to be current (like school/grade) but isn’t.

It would also need to be added to one of the report/roster builders interfaces.


While it may be useful I can see that the data could become useless if not kept up

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Yes, but I would love to put a call out for shirt orders and say “update Scoutbook with current sizes”. The Girl Scouts store shirt sizes in their database (they really do).

Or run a report and say “update sizes” and have it on a clipboard. Then put them back in. Something would be nice.

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Exactly. Shirt size doesn’t change that quickly. Asking parents to check it annually when we do health forms and before summer camp should keep it up-to-date enough for event t-shirt ordering purposes.

I would agree, something like that has to be a part of the routine or it gets put aside. I can say that I have had marginal success with asking parents for shirt sizes on its own.

I will add this to the backlog but you should not expect to see it for the foreseeable future.

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If this field is added, how will you know whether the parents have updated it or not?

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Great question Jacob. I was thinking that after posting. So, then the solution is harder and maybe not worth it? We would need either a manual or automatic “updated on” or “affirmed on” date field. I would hate to purser shirts and then have a family say “oh, that was last years size, I thought I updated it”.

I’m sure most of the data fields already have an audit record behind them. Just show that as a “last updated” date

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