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I printed off my unit roster from my scouting as we need to make sure all information is correct for our December recharter. All of the adults information is viable however all of the youth members are missing their addresses, phone numbers, and (parent) emails.
So, what is going on? Thank you and stay safe.

You didn’t say what your role is (in my.scouting), but as the Committee Chair of our Troop, I am seeing the same behavior (no youth addresses, emails, or phone numbers). I guess I can see not providing this info for YPT reasons, but the info is in Scoutbook. Since my.scouting doesn’t provide parent address, email, or phone number, I wonder what the intent is.

Thank you Matt. I am the Scoutmaster. They told us at Roundtable to use this roster to verify our membership for our new December recharter. A little hard to do this if its not provided.

Your question is still a good one, but the biggest thing they want you to be aware of is:

-are all of these Scouts going to continue
-are all of these adults going to continue?
-do I have any new Scouts or adults somehow not on the list?
-do all of the adults have YPT at least a good ways into the next year (or into the following based on council or COR)
-any scouts reaching 18? Transferring away?

But yeah, not even parent info as contact info is odd.

But… if you check mark on a scout in the roster view and edit it you will get the address and other info.

This should move to the my.scouting topic

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I guess that makes sense. It doesn’t make it easy to export and share, but you can check it.

From all the pre-release videos and FAQs that have been published to the Commissioners, it makes it very apparent that PII updates will no longer be the responsibility of the unit. The onerous will fall to the individual(s) to make these updates in My.Scouting. This is a definite change from previous Internet Rechartering.

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Yet another downfall of having two master databases. Most Scouts would never look at my.scouting and just update Scoutbook. So, until these are unified, most will keep Scoutbook current.

Technically, My.Scouting and Scoutbook operate on the same database, it’s just the PII update sync isn’t present bi-directionally…

Ack! It’s hard enough to get our parents to use Scoutbook. Telling them that they need to create a login at my.scouting in order to maintain their PII is going to be an uphill battle, which is most likely to result in multiple accounts being created, if past experience with parents becoming leaders is any guide.

“I don’t use that email address/spelling of my name anymore. Why would I use it to create a new account?”

head desk head desk head desk


Ok, ok, two fields in the same database for the same value that are independent after a one time one way write. :slight_smile:

Thank you all.
I guess I need to email all my non leader parents and tell them that they need to go to my and create an account and update their son’s information.
But this still doesn’t explain why the youth address, phone numbers, and emails are not showing up on the roster from my scouting.

It’s one thing to allow someone authorized to see the PII, but it’s an entirely different thing to make it easy for them to share it with other people.

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To get this information you want, pull the roster from Roster Builder and Report Builder. Save it as recharter and every year go back and run it and it will bring in the current information. I do this for my unit. But it has to be done in Scoutbook not My.Scouting.

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No, don’t tell them to make a new account. Tell them to login with their Scoutbook login. There is actually a link on the main Scoutbook screen after they login there.

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