All Soutbook Data Missing

Since an update about a month ago all the data for my two boys is missing in Scoutbook -

SB #186844
BSA #129925229

SB #477511
BSA #131919673

I can log on and see their names, but there is no information for any of the requirements they have completed.

Looks like the Unit did not recharter - talk to the unit leaders to fix @ChristyJohnson

Data is still there - scouts just need a membership to see it - you can go to Scout page > Reports > run a history report

Thanks for the reply. I will run the reports. However we paid our dues and have a current membership, I’d like to be able to update my boys progress and continue using SB. So what do I do about that?

You may have paid - but it looks like your unit did not get paperwork in - check with your unit leaders about the recharter

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