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Technology Roadmap Update

Hello. It would be great to have the “Commissioner Technology Goup” do a roadmap update for upcoming technology improvements. We had some great progress this last year. The recharter tools and registrar tools were cut over and ScoutNet shutdown. What is on the docket this year? I know the BSA doesn’t seem to like to do this often, but a few times we have had some info on what was planned. Thanks!


Thank you for this feedback and we will pass along this request.

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Hi @Matt.Johnson, I got in touch with Mike Weber (Tech Chair for the Commissioner Service Team) and he wanted to pass along the following message: Technology Changes for 2022 remain under discussion. Due to the completion of BSA’s restructuring activity, the budget for future projects is not finalized. A list of potential technology updates will require careful prioritization among other critical BSA projects. Although it may be a while before a meaningful list can be made available, continual activity developing ideas exist.

We really appreciate your feedback and understanding regarding this, and please let us know if you have any suggestions for improvements.


Ability to attach documents to roundtables and assessments.