Template/mapping for calendar import?

Is there a template available for scoutbook calendar import? It’s easy enough to do an export that includes a test event and determine the columns and format needed. But there’s some columns that require specific values, such as the Event Type. For example, for a pack, the dropdown includes “Day/Resident/Family Camp” but the value required in the import file to get that option is “Day Camp”. I haven’t done a thorough comparison, but i assume there are others that are similar. Is there a mapping file available that lists these translations?
There’s also some validation rules in play during import. (which is great) It will fail to import if any of the validations fail. Is there any document explaining these validations to make life easier?

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@JonChuchla I apologize - I just saw this post today. Look in the help file for the extension - you can get to it by clicking on Home → Help → Feature Assistant Chrome Extension - Firefox Add-on Help Documents when you are in Scoutbook.

I think this should answer your questions.