Most units have the same events over and over: Blue & Gold picnics, District Hikes, Summer Camps, etc. It would be really great if there were some sort of Template feature. Perhaps the easiest (from the user’s perspective) would be if, when you typed in an event that had happened before in the Name field, Scoutbook filled in all the details from the last event with that name.

This would make life vastly easier, especially given the lack of a Search function.

Although it’s not necessarily the ideal method, the Feature Assistant Extension allows you to bulk create events. I haven’t used it in a while, but the instructions (to import & export) are here:

Likely the easiest way to create a template is to:

  • export the “current” calendar,
  • revise the CSV file contents to reflect the updated dates, event features, etc
  • import the revised CSV file to create the upcoming year’s “basic” events
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