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I am trying to import advancement data from Scouttrack. I’ve come to realize there isn’t going to be an easy way to do that. But I can get data from Scouttrack and am tech-savvy enough to manipulate it into whatever format Scoutbook will accept. But I keep getting: “Advancement import file must be a pipe-delimited text file” error. I’ve created a pipe-delimited text file and followed the exact format of the files that I can export from Scoutbook, but I still get this error. So Scoutbook doesn’t like the format of my file.

I tried to find the “generic CSV templates” referenced on this site to use as a template. But that site doesn’t have a link or any way to access those templated. Does anyone know where this is? Or

Or does anyone otherwise have a template for advancement data that Scoutbook can read?

We do have existing advancement data on Scoutbook already, but it’s 2 years out of date. I’m not sure how we got that up there because the leader who did it graduated.

The import method I’m trying is the import function at Internet Advancement.

If Scouttrack does not provide the Export it just shows they do not work with the BSA - as BSA IT reached out to third parties to provide them the data. I doubt you will ever get it to work as EVERYTHING has to match. And it is all number based - so for Example the old Bobcat rank was 13. As only BSA IT (and the 3rd parties) have those numbers, other than looking at a ton of URLs in Scoutbook to find them, there is no way. below is a sample of the file

If this is a pack my initial thoughts would be not worry about it and just move to Scoutbook - or a 3rd party (you have to pay for) that works with the BSA. The only Historical qusi-important item for cubs is the AOL rank as that appears on the Eagle Scout Application.

import_bobcat.txt (102 Bytes)

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@WilliamTasch Their website implies there is a link in their system to generate the txt file

@WilliamTasch TroopTrack - Scout Troop Management for the 21st Century - see this link

@WilliamTasch - it also appears that scoutrack.com is a bit behind in updates with the program changes. The export file they note was for scoutbook rather than internet advancement. It may be time to move on from that tracker.

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yeah I Was wondering if it was the OLD internet advancement

@DonovanMcNeil thanks for sending the file. I agree it’s not going to be possible. I will just manually input what I feasibly can. The tool you linked about is for Trooptrack, but I’m working with Scouttrack.

@Stephen_Hornak Thanks for the advice and I agree. The fact that this data is being logged in a virtually unusable format is concerning and makes me want to stop using it for that reason alone.

$45/year - compared to free with Scoutbook - and SB is where the data needs to be

@WilliamTasch to do what you want to do Scouts have to be in the right dens for the rank. I think I would just go in and enter Ranks and nothing else. BUT Dens define what can be worked on

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