Tenure showing zero when I check my scouting positions

When I check under My Profile and My Scouting Positions, it shows my tenure as zero. I have 10+ years in Scouting, so something seems off.

You have 2 positions, Scoutmaster and Venturing Crew Associate Advisor. Click on one and turn the default position slider off. Your tenure should then show correctly for the selected default position.

The tenure issue is in the backlog at a very low priority - it has little affect on true scouting


That didn’t fix the issue unfortunately

Thank you for the information

Should prior youth tenure show up there on an adult?

No, that isn’t tracked in Scoutbook.

Here are the 2 Main reasons it does not -

  1. It is VERY complex
  2. Scoutbook is NOT the official Database for registrations
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