Position Tenure

New Cubmaster here - current CC/COR has not kept positions data current for adult leaders, in scouting.org consequently tenure for Den Leader awards (I changed them last week with COR delegate permissions) is off by 6-9 months for 3 Den Leaders. Is there any way to retroactively capture tenure for awards in scouting.org. Also, why won’t changes in my.scouting.org Port over to Scoutbook?

There is not, but you could check with your council if they’ll just take your word for it.

They are supposed to, but I’d give it at least 24 hours. Are these completely new leaders or change of positions via position manager. If the latter and it’s been 24 hours, provide a bsa member number (no names) and the former and new position, and we can take a look.

@AshleyHaszard - these ridiculous adult awards… i really wish they would go away