Text message content shows up as an attachment

When I send a text message to a troop member, the content shows up as an attachment file, Attachment.html. When I open the file, the content is displayed in very tiny text. Is there a way to make the content show up as plain text in a readable font size? I have checked a number of existing forum posts but many were closed 3-4 years ago. Thanks.

Think the only way we can help is to see a screenshot of the message - cause that is not how SB sends Texts

@BrianNagai - that is how email providers render text msg… especially if you are getting a cc as that is sent to your email… this is a normal regular occurrence

and I just did a test text to myself with a copy to my “other” parent account which is my work email and sure enough… it was rendered as an attachment… sorry sport this is what happens

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Does the length of the message make a difference?

@JenniferOlinger - actually no as it depends on the mail handler… i have seen this behavior for decades…

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The scenario is to select send text but then you select all persons in the adult list and anyone not set to text will get an email instead and depending upon how the parse out their email in-box will either get perhaps the text or an attachment… there is ZERO anyone can do about that… the client renders it as bets that they can… years ago it would show up as microsoft .mail attachment.

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@DonavanMcNeil. Here are screenshots of the content of the text message sent to me via Scout Book (ScreenShot 1) and the content of the attachment (which is the message content that I typed) (ScreenShot 2).

Note: I used the Upload function to include the jpg files but can’t tell if they loaded properly so that you can view them.

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