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The scout strong med wise award

The scout strong med wise award needs to be added

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@JerryMercer - I looked at my son’s award list and it is there for Venturing and Scouts BSA.

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@JerryMercer Are you requesting this for Cub Scouts?

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I thought that MedWise is a Scouts BSA/Venturing/Sea Scouts only program (i.e. not aimed at Cub Scout aged youth). Is there a Cub Scout version now?

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No, it’s only for older Scouts. That’s why I was asking.


BSA Award


Fifty percent of teens begin to self-medicate with OTC medicines in their homes as early as age 11. Designed to complement existing Scouts BSA and Venturing program materials, this program consists of four 15-minute exercises that can be led at regularly scheduled meetings.

Leader Manual, November 2018: “This curriculum has been prepared specifically for ages 11-17 and
each lesson must be followed specifically as written.”

Some Academic Research

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