Missing Merit Badge Counselors

Scouts are still able to begin the Medicine Merit Badge thru 12/1, however, Medicine is no longer listed as an option in the MBC list. Have they been removed? Will they automatically become Helth Care Counselors

Also, I have tried to search for Citizenship in Society counselors and find none. I’ve searched for a 50-mile radius from my zip code and also with the zip code removed. In either case, I get no counselors in the report.


I would reach out to your district or council staff to ask about the CiS counselors. They may or may not have entered them in Scoutbook yet.

On Medicine MB being missing, it seems like a premature roll-out by the developers. Scouts can still start Medicine MB until 31 December 2021 per Health Care Professions merit badge debuts, replacing the Medicine merit badge.

ETA: I can confirm that a Medicine MBC I know is in good standing does not show up when searching based on Healthcare Professions MB.

I think none have been entered in my Council as of yet.

Still curious about the Medicine MBCs

The MBC “in good standing” still shows up on the council’s official (non-Scoutbook) list. Presumably, that means they’re not “gone” just unviewable.

I think that the developers need to roll-back the update to the MBC search list to be consistent with the information published by the BSA. Not sure if anybody from @SUAC can carry a message on that one.

I think my council is automatically adding medicine counselors to health care professions but not until 1/1.

This is because there are not any counselors in your area yet. I suggest waiting a few weeks for more people to sign up. Also, if a scout needs it, they can do it online via a google classroom like my son did. More info. about this is in this facebook post by the counselor: Virtual Merit Badge Classes | Hello All,

Medicine MBCs are still appearing in my council. I have asked the developers to restore Medicine as an option in the badge dropdown on the MB Counselor Search screen.

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Thanks, @edavignon!

Thanks, @edavignon!

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