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Good afternoon. I have two scouts that completed the Medicine badge on 10/23/21, safely before the cutoff date. However, I cannot add them in here since this badge was removed from the site. How do I correct this?

@ShaunaWilliams are they not started in Scoutbook?

It is still in both quick entries @ShaunaWilliams

No. These were older blue cards started one year at camp, and the two scouts finished the MB in November, but didn’t turn in the blue cards right away. As scouts sometimes do.

Weird. I got your second email after I replied to your first, even though it was clearly sent earlier.

In any case, maybe I’m doing the quick entry wrong? I clicked on one of the scouts (the box to the left of the name), went to ‘Record Progress’, then clicked through the drop-downs to ‘Type of Advancement’ and ‘Merit Badge’. Medicine wasn’t there.

@ShaunaWilliams - try and not IA

Looking at, then scout name, then that scout’s advancement: the only option I see is start a new merit badge, and medicine isn’t there.

From the troop page > quick entry > enter merit badge req

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Got it done. Thank you.

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