Tiger and Lion adult partners show on roster even the still posted announcement says they won’t

Just noticed that even though the my.scouting announced that Lion and Tiger adults “would no longer appear on the roster”, they still do. So, either the announcement is wrong or it wasn’t implemented.

Are they showing on the roster in my.scouting or Scoutbook or both?

As far I can tell, nothing actually changed in the my.scouting roster. Perhaps it will change when they move up in June or next time they recharter?2

Agreed. The note caught my eye, though, as it says “Effective this week, the Lion and Tiger (adult) Partner position will no longer appear on the unit roster.”

The notice doesn’t actually say which system will stop showing them on the unit roster, or who has access to see that roster.

The talk about relationship tabs makes me think it’s the registrar tools, since I don’t see a relationship tab anywhere in my.scouting.

I’m asking for some clarification. It may take a few days.

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