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New adult not appearing in Scoutbook

I have a new adult leader (Lion Guide). His application was approved several weeks ago, and appears on the official roster. However, he does not appear as a leader in Scoutbook. Isn’t he supposed to automatically appear? Do I need to go in and manually add him?

The same thing is happening with the Tiger Cub Adults and Lion Adult Partners, but I can possibly understand that.

Please post the adult leader’s bsa member number and we can look into it.

A decision was made not to have the adult partners come into the leader roster because it improperly confers trust in them as leaders in the pack.

@jacobfetzer Thank you. His BSA # is 12978669. He is already a parent in the pack for an older scout. However, I figured that when he assumed a leadership role (Lion Guide) it would populate.

Thank you for the information about the adult partners, I’m very excited about it. I did notice that if I assign the adult partner role to a parent, they show up as a leader. Should I not assign the role? Is there any reason that they would need the Adult Partner role in Scoutbook?

I have requested a position sync. Hopefully that will bring his Lion Guide role into Scoutbook. The next position sync runs at 3:00 PM central so check after 4:00 PM central and let us know if that worked.

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I don’t use the adult partner positions in my pack. I guess someone might want to know which parent is the AP, but I don’t get too worried about that.

The one time I did use the AP role was when we had already identified the Tiger leaders for the next year part way through the Lion year (and their Lion guide was not moving up with them). So, it was a way to distinguish them from the rest of the parents.

@jacobfetzer Thank you again. I’ll go ahead and remove the AP roles from the few parents that have them. I’ve never been a fan because they are included in all of the “Leadership” lists, to include meeting invites and messages.

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@edavignon I just checked, and the adult is still not listed as a leader in Scoutbook. Should I add him manually, or wait for the system to autopopulate him?

@edavignon The member didn’t sync overnight either. In order to get the year rolling and give him access, I will add him manually to the Scoutbook roster. I’m not sure if this is something you need to follow-up on and determine what’s broken.

Okay, I think I discovered what the problem is. Scoutbook doesn’t support “Lion Guide”. How should this role be entered in Scoutbook? They need to have oversight of the Lion Den. Should I be capturing them as a “Den Leader”, which Scoutbook allows us to assign to a Lion den? I want to make sure this is being done as it is designed. At the same time, the design needs to work across the different systems. Perhaps another example of BSA needing to convert “Lion Guide”, “Tiger Den Leader”, “Den Leader”, and “Webelos Den Leader” to just “Den Leader” and allow the unit to assign them to dens as required.

Please advise.

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At one point we were told Lion Guide was replaced by Den Leader. So, scoutbook retired the Lion Guide position. Oddly enough, that means “Den Leader” applies to Lion, Wolf, and Bear.


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