New Tiger Adult Partners Aren't Leaders

My Tiger Den grew form 4 to 8 scouts this school year. Council processed most of the applications, and I’ve transferred the scouts to my den in Scoutbook. The four original parents of scouts appear under the Den Leaders heading on the Pack 122 Tiger Den 1 Menu as “Tiger Adult Partner,” the new parents do not and because they are not registered members (they are just adult partners) I don’t see a way to add them.

It’s awkward that 1/2 of the parents show up as den leaders and the other half do not. Is there a fix for this?

The New Lion Den just has no Lion Adult Partners in the list, and I would prefer all or none.


It appears that when the BSA started requiring leaders in scoutbook to be actual registered leaders, the leader search was modified to only return actual registered leaders. So, I don’t think there’s a way to add them anymore. You can remove the others by clicking their names and putting an end date on the adult partner positions.

Correction: I picked the wrong parent to test with. You can add the others as adult partners, but I believe they have to be the one actually listed as such on your my.scouting roster. From the den page, click add leader and search based on email address.

Your Correction is correct. I was able to lookup the parents and add them to the tiger den as adult partners but only with their email. Not with their BSA ID number or by searing for their name.

That seems like something worth correcting in future updates.

Thanks for the help. Y’all are great.

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