Recent Update to Calendar Timezones is Broken

Based on the maintenance alert it looks like an update was just made to the way timezones are handled in the scoutbook calendar see here:

“An enhancement will be made to the Calendar Events functionality. Effective October 31st, creating and viewing an event will display date and time based on the device settings. A one-time conversion will run to update previously created event times to the Time Zone based on your unit ZIP Code.”

This has effectively broken the event notification for us because we are in the pacific timezone and when we schedule an event on the calendar it appears correct but when the email notification goes out its translating the time to Central time (UTC-8)

As an example I just entered a new event for with a time of 5-6 on my laptop which in PST and then got a notification with the date time listed as:
Oct 31, 2019, 7pm - 8pm (UTC-08:00) Pacific Time

When I go back into scoutbook it displays correct as 5-6 in the calendar but that is not what’s being sent in the invite. This has effectively broken the event notification feature for us which is the whole reason we use the calendar. Please advise.

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We have asked the developers to look into it.

Had the same today on the Pacific Coast. Appears to only be an issue for “Remind Now”. Reminders set for a time interval from the event show the correct date/time. Workaround - set a timed reminder in the past (e.g. for an event in 3 days, set a reminder for “4 days before”), worked for me.

We think this bug is fixed now.

I can’t confirm if this issue is fixed now or not because everytime I submit a new event with a reminder of now I get the below error message. The event shows up on the calendar but I never get a notification email.

I let the developers know about your error message.

Shocking…not working…

It is working for me. There is something else causing Michael’s error message.

Just tried submitting a new event with the same info as previously and it now appears to work and I get the correct time zone in both the online calendar and the reminder email. Looks like we are good. Thank you for your help!

Great! Thank you very much for getting back to me!

My unit’s time zone was considered central…we’re in Indiana and we follow Eastern.
How do I get this fixed without having to adjust every calendar entry?

I just send out an email accidentally with events that were an hour earlier than the calendar is showing.

Is it possibly something with DST and not timezones?

@DavidBrieck what Time Zone

Eastern, located in Pennsylvania. When I looked at the calendar it was correct, just the feature to insert future events in a message was off.

We had it happen for an Oct 31 event, Eastern time (DST still in effect). The Remind Now feature sent out an email with the wrong offset (UTC-5 instead of -4). Now that DST is over, I’m hoping it works correctly, but will be retesting with a fake event…
Our Calendar on Scoutbook and the event in the RSS feed were all showing up correctly.

Another issue to look at on time. When sending messages and Inserting Calendar Events, the times listed are 2 hours off (I’m in the Pacific time and I guess the system is thinking Central).

@JamesDesaulniers Where are you seeing it is set to Central?

What is your CO zip code according to the edit pack/troop page?


Everything is simply showing an hour earlier than originally created. For whatever reason, reminder emails and synced calendars show the correct time. It’s only incorrect when someone goes into the calendar thru scoutbook.

@JamesDesaulniers The developers have confirmed for us that that zip is set to ET. Is it possible that the person looking at it in Scoutbook has their device set to Central time?

Thanks! Negative, this issue is consistent with everyone in our unit, and not specific to one user.