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Can't create meeting schedule after deleting

I created a den meeting schedule to see how it worked. The dates and times were not correct after creating. I went to Scoutbook and deleted all the meetings it created. DLE now allows me to setup meetings again but when I finish I get this error.

Something happened.

All templates have previously been created in AdvacementOrgMeeting table

yeah cause it thinks your den is setup - I do not know a way around this - I have asked staff to address this with you. My bet is send email to and tell them the situation in as much detail as possible. Maybe they can reset the den

I believe on every den meeting in DLE there is now an EDIT (or it is on the test server and is coming soon) so you can change date/Time/Location - You can also do that in the interface

DO NOT take attendance in for these made events from DLE or it will not function
DO NOT change planned advancements in for these made events from DLE or it will not function

It lets me click the setup button again even when the events are still there.

Are you referring to a timezone issue? From what I’ve seen DLE technically creates them correctly, but SB displays them in Central Time.

@BrianCiccariello I just thought of a way around this for you - have a unit Admin make a new den and move the scouts to that one to run DLE again. I think you can even use the same number. Then once the other den is empty of leaders/scouts an admin can erasse it

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