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Entering second religious award not possibible and Super achiever out dated Cub scouts

There does not seem to be a way to enter a second cub scout religious award in scout book it only has one slot for the knot. Most have at least 2 that they can earn as cubs. Our den uses this for advancement and to know what awards to purchace, and our faith has a special award they can get if they earn all of the other awards. How can we track this? Also the super achiever lists the pins from before the last big revision not the current ones. ie Forester and artest not Into the woods and art explosion


For multiple youth religious awards, the best you can do if post a note on the page where you mark the knot as completed with the date of the first award and perhaps the first award’s name to memorialize it. You can then update the date completed to the date the second award was earned.

If you prefer, you can leave the original date as the date completed and post a note describing the second award and the date it was earned.

When I have a Scout earn a religious award, I always put details in the notes field.

I believe National Supply no longer sells a Webelos Super Achiever Award, so I don’t think there is a plan to update how Scoutbook tracks it. I realize there are patches for this available from third-party vendors, but if you want to award those, you’ll have to track completion outside of Scoutbook. I’m basing my response on what I’ve seen previously posted here in reply to the same question you’re asking.

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We have requested the ability to support multiple religious awards, but we do not know when they might be added. In the meantime, you can go to the Religious Knot Award page, and add a note for the new award using “Notepad & Comments”. Send the details to your pack’s Advancement Chair, and they can add it to the Purchase Order’s “Notes” section of the Purchase Order.

The Webelos Super Achiever award was not an official award - it was just a patch that was sold by BSA supply group. It was added to Scoutbook prior to the BSA’s purchase of Scoutbook.

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