Training done on multiple MID"s

Troop MC, MID 136036486:

  • goes by his middle name
  • was a scout in the 1990’s in NE Georgia and Atlanta
  • did YPT under this MID
  • did training modules under a different MID
  • has 1 scout, MID 132242973, also goes by his middle nickname

Please manage his MID’s and confirm his parent connection is correct.

Please keep his MY.Scouting login that he used to do YPT.

Thank you,

@DougWright This should be fixed.

This user should log in with his my.Scouting username – not his e-mail address.

Thank you! … Hiss, endless periods only count as 3 characters. :grin:

@DougWright His middle name is all CAPS, but your council can fix that with their Registrar Tools.

That is his way to convey he goes by his middle name.

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