Training MyScouting - COR series, no audio, no captions

After finishing my last remaining Venturing and Asst Scoutmaster courses… I went to the TRAINING Position Specific area, Charter Org Rep set, since that’s my new role as of 1/1/22. All four courses I tried had no audio or captions … Unlike all the other courses I completed today. (Yes, I was getting dings when tapping and of the on-screen buttons, so the Brower window was generating audio.)

I recorded 100% Scores on completion on these three, but the 4th course wasn’t listed in my completions:

COR Position SCO_269
BSA Standards and Volunteers SCO_270
What is a Charter? SCO_267

(Yeah, I’ve been a Scouter long enough to not need the course material to answer nearly all the questions… )

Using iPad Air 2, latest updates and Safari browser.

When first course was no audio, I logged completely out of the browser windows, logged back in, then went back to one of the remaining Asst Sm courses… which had audio like others earlier today (fully completed it), and retried the COR courses, again with no audio.

What happened?


Dave Long
T217 COR
C2019 cmte chair
480 Last Frontier Council, Oklahoma City, OK

David -

Hard to say, but Safari is not one of the supported browsers for training. Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are (yes even in the “i” devices and Mac/i/iPadOS). Safari does not use the Chromium core, it uses WebKit - which may account for the issue. I will check this out after church.

The other thing to try is an incognito or private browsing window.

Ronald - I haven’t see this stated so explicitly. If this is true, can we have it in big bold letters on the main training page? Also, this means that none of the training is supported on iPhones or iPads since Chrome on those devices use WebKit. So that should be noted as well.

It is stated on the main page of the Learning Center.

Note that the training was successful for all the courses I’ve tried except those 4 under COR.

I have stated this before but will say it again, almost NO ONE uses the main page of the training center. They click on training in which bypasses that main page. (My Scouting)

BSA Learn Center does not have any browser restrictions either. The restrictions you refer to are not easily found by a member.

Any restrictions on browsers need to be on EVERY page if an unsupported browser is being used.

I have requested this, but since they are managed by two different groups, overwhich I have no control (I am a volunteer) all I can do is request.

What page are you talking about? Can you provide a URL?

It isn’t on: (the page I thought you were referencing)
My Scouting (the page you get to from my.scouting)

Thanks. Yes, I would make it clearer about not working on iPhones/iPads and Mac’s running Safari.

Or maybe a note about “if you are having issues” do this or that.

The message didn’t stand out for me and I was looking for it.

Putting the message in the photo is probably why many people, if they even go to the catalog miss it. It should be below the photo as a warning and only displayed if an unsupported browser is used. It is easy for sites to determine which browser and version is being used.

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