Trouble with on line training

I have been trying to complete hazardous weather training but about 80% into it I loose audio and captions then it freezes up. I am also having problems with on line training for JTE. When starting there is no audio or captions. Please let me know if there is a problem with the site or if it is something on my end.
Thanks Steve Riffel

What browser are you using?

Safari working on mi Ipad

Try using using Chrome. These trainings don’t like safari.

Working with Chrome now and have the same problem. Any suggestions?

I can get as far as traditional weather signs and then I get the loading symbol

Use Chrome in Incognito mode. And make sure you clear your cache before trying again.

@RonaldBlaisdell is the development team looking at this? 100% using an Incognito window is not a good solution. And not using the most common browser on mobile devices (Safari) is not a good solution either



This needs to go to development. Having users use a specific browser and/or incognito mode is fine for debug but volunteers should not need to jump through hoops to take training. It needs to work with all of the standard web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge) and not require incognito or private windows.


I used Chrome this past Friday to complete, although I did have to refresh the screen once

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@DonovanMcNeil @edavignon

Guys - they already state that Firefox is a no go. They have no ability to test Safari, except the mobile app on an iPhone, that’s it. The BSA does not have a Mac they can use.

If 3,600+ volunteers completed the module last month, then we are only working with the >1% who are having issues. If having them use a private browsing window works, sobeit!

I used my laptop and was able to complete the training. thanks for the help!

I have to admit this bit is confusing to me, as I almost exclusively use Firefox. I think it’s the only browser I’ve used for BSA training, and haven’t generally had an issue with it (except the occasional case of PEBKAC).

I definitely used it for my YPT renewal last year, but I suppose there could have been changes between now and then that impacted functionality. I used it successfully earlier this year for the new DEI training, and have been using it to take commish training modules as well. It’s just weird (to me as a user) that YPT is somehow “special” in that it’s not browser independent. I’m due early next year (I think) on YPT, so maybe I’ll give it a shot and see what happens.

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@RonaldBlaisdell - I too am a firefox user and have NEVER EVER NEVER had an issue with training videos. I will also state that I am on two 24" flat panels set to 100% on win10 video config. Sorry to be harsh but the issues seem to be PEBKAC OR PICNIC

Maybe so, but I am just passing along what TrainingU asked me to share. If you have problems and you are using Firefox - use Chrome.

It worked fine when I switched to my laptop. I’m sure it was just the iPod I was using.
Thanks again for your help.

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@RonaldBlaisdell - no I totally understand. I just wanted to make clear that I have used Firefox for the last decade of training and unit management and have never had an issue. I am honestly thinking that the issues are local environment issues. I would be willing to test training as I typically have 6 or more browsers installed but my desktop environment is one of 2x24" flat panels at home and 2x27 at work

Ignoring the problem and just assuming it will be ok is a very low quality approach. Hiding behind a $1300 purchase to improve product quality sets the bar so low. The fact that the BSA refuses to spend This is an unacceptable and very poor poor approach. If this is the low bar that the system will hit, we will fail many many users nation wide. Based on numbers I have seen you are expecting 8000 volunteers to learn this work around vs finding and fixing the issue.

This is not the approach I take in life and is not something I would ever advocate to the young people I work with.

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@Matt.Johnson - i agree with what you are saying. And at the same time when folks point out that they added a monitor or switched to some other hardware platform indicates that the training videos are at prime in X environment and most likely one that matches a desktop config that would never be matched on mobile or tablets… (not that I would have ever recommended training there). Are there better ways to handle this why certainly… does the BSA have those resources…well there is the question.

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I also know for a fact that many of the BSA employees who do the Scout Life publishing (employees, not volunteers or contractors) use Macs. So, they could hook up for some testing for free.