Training Percentages

This morning I went into “My Training” to take the Pack Committee Chair training since I will be assuming this position in the next month. In looking at the “Cub Scout Learning Plans - Select Your Positions” screen, it shows my “Den Leader Training” at 93% and my “Pack Committee Member Training” at 89%. However, if I click on Resume, all modules within the training show at 100%. In looking at the unit’s Trained Leader Report, I am showing at 100% and trained.

Am I missing something as to why there is a discrepancy? Is there a piece of training that I can’t find that I need to be doing?

The training in the modules is constantly being updated. So, there may be a module you have already completed (so 100%) but now there is new information. As long as the Trained Leader Report show 100%, don’t worry about it.