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Den Leader Training

I completed all of the videos on Den Leader training to 100%, but the course says 0%. Can anyone help me?

I know that some of the training has been/is being updated, so anyone who didn’t fully complete all of the the training sequence (not just one of the courses) prior to any given transition period tends to get dropped.

Is it possible to post a screenshot of what you’re seeing, since there are a lot of different views that might suggest different failure modes?

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It looks like there are three portions, and you’ve taken two of the three.

  1. Earning Your Trained Strip (Says 100%, but check to make sure you completed the quizzes)
  2. Before Your First Meeting (Same comment as above)
  3. Before Your First Outdoor Activity (Not in your screenshots).

I’m not clear why that would reflect as 0% complete, though. The only thing I can think of is that the quizzes for the two portions you already viewed didn’t record.

If you’ve already taken the third portion, too, this discussion probably belongs in the My Scouting Tools section. Once of the SUAC members/mods should be able to move the whole conversation if necessary.

I did all 3 and all the quizzes too. Changed the topic as you suggested.


Anybody who has visibility into the training modules available to comment? I usually tag @RickHillenbrand or @RonaldBlaisdell, but there might be a “right” person I haven’t thought of.

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My suggestion would be to wait 24-48 hours, because sometimes there are some processes that need to run.


Did you complete the Hazardous Weather Training? I recently had a situation where it was showing I had not, but I just went and opened each lesson (without retaking) and it updated appropriately. The 24-48 synchronization is for the training to show on your Training Completions in My.Scouting.


Yes the Weather shows 100% too

This has been an issue for awhile. That is how my training showed up too. Same thing for several of our Den Leaders. You can also go to Training Validation, it might show up there before it shows up on the other side.

I do not know if this applies in this case or not.

When completing modules (and quizzes) you need to wait tor different servers to complete their interaction before moving on. If you exit a module too soon it can fail to complete a module.

Make sure also that you are letting the videos completely to the end. I have had folks have issues where they did not let the videos play out and because of this it showed as incomplete. It will even do this if you click off 2 seconds before the end.

The sub sections all say 100% but the overall says 0%. I don’t recall clicking out early.

@TimothyRogers thoughts?

I would take detailed screen shots of every module that you completed. Then wait the 24 to 48 hours then get in touch with your council IT or training person and see if they can manually input the training for you.

I have found sometimes that this system just sits on the ground and doesn’t like to move. It might need to be persuaded to move again by outside individuals.

Does your training show up at my.scouting?:

Menu → My Training → Completions

What do you see under the Requirements tab?

Before I was 100% complete, now only 97% and I don’t know why …and there is something that says C-42 .
I finished the training but it seems that it is no longer valid.:pensive:

They changed a couple of modules in the position specific training recently. So if for some reason it was showing that you were not complete before that date it probably kicked out those modules that changed. I would go back and look at all of the modules and see which ones show not complete and just do those. That will be easier than trying to jump through hoops to get somebody to look through the records showing you already had it done.

If you go to the requirements section of my training in my.scouting it there should be a list and what is not completed.

Hi all, thank you all for your support. Eventually, the trained icon popped up at the top by my name. About a week later, the training shows 100% done, but with the date that they were last taken, June 4.

Happy summer, everyone!


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