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Training dashboard shows incomplete trainings

I completed my online trainings today but they are not showing as 100% complete. All modules are done but the trainings are showing as completed to the following points:

Cubmaster- 93% Complete

Den Leader- 94% Complete

Pack Committee Member- 92% Complete

I have completed every module I see online and I don’t see anything else to do. Is there something I am missing?

Thank you

Did you by chance check Sco_800, Hazardous Weather training? It’s required for most positions to be “complete.”

Hi yes my hazardous weather is complete.

When you log in at my.scouting and go to:

Menu -> My Training -> Requirements

Which modules are listed there as not completed?

It says the missing training is:

C42 Cub Scout Den Ldr/Asst Pos Spec Tng Classroom

Not sure what this is or why it says incomplete.

Do you see the Trained leader patch?

D42 is a classroom option for den leader position-specific training.

Yes I do. I imagine this is a computer glitch of some kind.

I think it is showing as deigned and is “some kind of” poor interface. So, I am fully trained and up to date. But, my “classroom training” says “Completed: 0% To Do S24”. It is not really “to do” to be trained, but is “to do” if I wanted to be classroom trained. Just a poor way of showing I did the online training and not the classroom version. That is how I have viewed it.

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