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Training Quick Entry for Ships

I am not seeing there is a quick entry for training for sea scout units. With Troops, we can do Quick Entry for many things, but for Ships, there aren’t as many options. Can those be added as well? We have scouts who attend training as a unit, and it would be nice to be able to do Quick Entry’s vice having to do them individually.

Training for Scouts is entered in my.scouting.org not Scoutbook - if you want it to be part of the scouts record that is the only way to do it - have a Key 3 go to my.scouting.org > Menu > unit area of dropdown > Training Manager

While you can record training for Scouts in Scoutbook, it is not official. As Donovan said, this training should be added via my.scouting.org.

The Quick Entry screen you see for Troop training is a function of the Feature Assistant Extension for Chrome and Firefox. I’ll move this topic to the Extension category so the developer sees it.

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