Scout Training not showing up

Not sure which software this should fall under, but I was inputting ILST for some scouts and realized that none of the previous ILST I’ve input over the years is showing up. I was re-inputting it (it appears to be at least mostly showing up, haven’t fully verified, but possibly not duplicate ILSTs) and realized that the CPR/AED Training we participated in last spring is not showing up either. I tried searching all topics and did not find anything mentioning missing scout or adult Training (“miscellaneous” Training outside of YPT and position-specific). These used to show up when I could still access them in SB directly, vs What am I missing?

If you entered them before in Scoutbook - that was never tied to - is the official place for training.

To the best of my (admittedly somewhat limited) knowledge SB was where I was supposed to put teaining in for scouts. I would occasionally go in and see if anything downloaded for them from…wherever it was supposed to download…and then I would add their training there. I don’t believe I had acceas to their previously. And something like ILST is done at the Trrop level so wouldn’t be something Council would have and would eventually download, it’s something I would enter. It allowed me to enter the codes and all so I assumed it was setup to accept training there.

SB was a nice place to put training. If you look back in the forums you will see a big uproar when it was moved to only be in my.scouting. This might have been more than a year ago. So while many would agree with your assessment, most have moved on.

With the right permissions, you can enter items such as ILST into my.scouting. Since it is the “master” training system, it is nice. If NYLT people wanted to check if a scout had ILST (a pre-req), I guess they could.

It used to be that units could not record training for youth at my.scouting. At that time, if you wanted to add ILST or other training for youth, units had to go through their council.
However, that changed a while back. Units can now add training for their Scouts by using the Training Manager. The process is similar to adding training for adults.

Unit Key 3, Key 3 Delegates, and Unit Training Chairs should be able to add the training.

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I think we have NEVER gone through Council for this, so that might be the disconnect. However, 1) why could I input Training in the past if I wasn’t supposed to and 2) why did that Training previously show up on scout’s BSA History (or IA, I forget which) report and now it does not? I’m assuming none of these Trainings truly matter for Eagle applicants but if they do I need to go back through a few years of emails to figure out who gets what and contact Council about it.
Or are you saying I CAN now add it myself through my.scouting and don’t need to go through Council? NYLT is apparently supposed to go through Council so what does and what does not?
FWIW I was still able to add training thru SB at leasr back in June/July.
And I do have access to enter training, that isn’t the issue. It’s where did the past training entered go and how do I best get it back?

Training in SB ended Oct 13, 2021

It is not needed for Eagle App. There is no way to obtain what was in Scoutbook

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Units should use the Training Manager to record training that is conducted at the unit level, such as ILST. Councils usually record NYLT.

Help me out here: where/what is Training Manager? And is NYLT the only thing Council is responsible for? How does Council find out they’ve completed the Training? Thank you for all your info, obviously I’m missing big chunks of this process and I’ve been doing it for 2.5 years…for 50+ scouts…

@MaureenMellett - log into > Click on Menu > Click on Unit listed in the drop down > Click on Training Manager > in new window click on Add/search on the left side

So this is where I ultimately ended up last night trying to enter all the missing training (thank you for the step-by-step).

I feel like I’m still missing something. Given that I entered all the training previously in the only way I knew how – SB (my.scouting wasn’t available) – where did all their training go and how can I get it back? Was everyone entering it via SB and they’re all just fine with it being gone now? Did everyone else send every bit of training to their Council and hope it got into the system? Again, I CAN recreate most of it but I’ll have to go back through years of emails (and our old TM system where I pulled some training from 3 years ago).

When the system was “ported” to my.scouting (i.e. now just uses a pointer to instead of an internal Scoutbook database), I’m not aware that the data entered in Scoutbook was actually retained or transferred anywhere. Does anyone from SUAC know? Nevermind. Read more carefully, Charley! :person_facepalming:

We didn’t generally track youth training in Scoutbook, and our council (at least in principle) was entering the NYLT participants’ training in their records directly. That is consistent with me seeing NYLT training that was completed by some of our scouts in the past in the Training Manager. For scouts who may have taken ILST at a district event (I think we had a few who went that route), I believe that was sent back to the council by the district training folks after the course was taught.

As stated before - the history was not ported or maintained - that is why we communicated when we did.

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It was March of 2019 when scoutbook moved to as the training source. Certainly there are courses that require a prerequisite course but are they mission critical? Certainly not for eagle applications.

2019 was just the Adults - Youth was not till 10/2021 - feels longer to me though

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@DonovanMcNeil - yeah I know… but the training in scoutbook was just free text anyway.

That is why porting was not possible

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I am going to humbly disagree. I entered ILST for Scouts in Scoutbook in September 2021 when our Troop last held ILST training. It still shows up in My Scouting training when I do a search.

Apologies again, just looking for clarification (although given the response I probably don’t need it). And I do truly appreciate all the people writing in with responses – I know this is a volunteer job, but also because I’m a volunteer and this takes a lot of MY free time I’m a tad frustrated.

You say “As stated before”, but I missed that statement. Where does it say training wasn’t ported? I did go back to the email from 10/13/21 and this is what I see (which in no way shape or form gave me an indication that everything was about to disappear):

  • Training Link
    • The Training on a Scout’s page was still going to the legacy Scoutbook training page which is no longer supported. The Training link will now only appear for leaders that have access to the Scout’s training records. It redirects to where the official training records are maintained.
      Also, if the SB Training page was no longer going to be supported, wouldn’t a little notice have helped? Kind of like all the notices about the Payment changes? I might have run some reports so I could go back and recreate what I’ve lost. You also say “why we communicated when we did” but I’m not sure where/when was communicated beyond that one New Feature noted on 10/13/21.

I do recognize the comment that in general the training isn’t mission critical, which is good so I won’t be AS concerned, although I will say that to some of the PARENTS in my Troop (and presumably some scouts) the Training TOTALLY matters and I will have to recreate it at least for those few.

Ranting and frustration aside, thank you all for your answers. Back to the drawing board (or emails) for me.

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@CM32 - there has never been a direct connect between training and scoutbook

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