Quick Entry not working

I am attached to two different units as I have a son in Cub Scouts and a son in Scouts BSA. I am a new Scoutmaster and am trying to use Quick Entry to log a recent camping trip with my troop. When I click on Quick Entry my son in Cub Scouts pops up. What is happening here?

@DavidMyers4 - are you talking about the red scouting app ? Or are you in advancements.scouting.org as the scouting app is a parent view. In advancements.scouting.org you would need to click on the scouting icon in the upper right to activate the dropdown which will show the units and children.


In the upper right corner of advancements.scouting.org, click on the fleur de lis and select your troop. I suspect the last time you used advancements.scouting.org you were on your son’s pack page.

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I am using Scoutbook. This is a Scoutbook topic. Right?

@DavidMyers4 - this was originally posted in the scouting app section. That prompted the question but at any rate i would follow what Ed has posted

I got it figured out. Thanks.

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