Training Manager - trained position report bugs

Recently, a different post (#29) mentioned the ability to display all the positions for which a person is completely trained. Looking at this today, I have many volunteers showing trained for multiple positions correctly and some positions incorrectly - Cubmaster/Assistant for Lone Cubs/Lions, New Member Coordinator, Nova Counselor, Pack Trainer, and Supernova Counselor.

Upon further investigation, I have found the following. I did not check every registered adult in my pack. Ignoring STEM Lab and community positions -

  1. Our Chartered Organization Representative, registered as CR, with only YPT & 4 COR modules, shows incorrectly trained as New Member Coordinator. MID12878697
  2. A not-trained Den Leader, registered as DL, w/ YPT, This Is Scouting, and WEB Boy Scout Leader Fast Start, shows incorrectly trained as Nova Counselor and Supernova Mentor. MID136811779
  3. A Unit scouter Reserve w/ YPT, in-person BALOO, and a few modules shows incorrectly trained as New Member Coordinator. MID12263734
  4. A Committee Member (MC) w/ YPT and 2019 MC modules shows incorrectly trained as Pack Trainer. MID136918817
  5. A Den Leader w/ 2018 DL & CC/MC modules shows incorrectly trained as Cubmaster/Assistant for Lone Cubs/Lions. MID133703162

Will need to know your Council, District, and Unit Number, please.

Two councils merged this past spring, so we have a hyphenated name; new name will be decided by winter.

Greater Wyoming - Longs Peak Council
Bighorn District
Pack 0098

@DougWright I have reported the issue to the BSA IT group for investigation.

@DougWright - my first report from BSA IT: For MID136811779 – This is correct. Back in 2010 we show he completed Nova Counselor and Supernova Mentor course to be trained.

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Odd, his completions do not show them.

@DougWright I have sent some reports to BSA IT, but the person I need it out of the office until next Monday (10/11). I will update this thread after I hear back.

@DougWright we found the issue. Deleted items in ScoutNET were added. So a filter is being installed to not use any items marked as “deleted.” That should solve the issues you saw.

Not 100% on when that will be done, but I will update you when it is.

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@DougWright an update has been made to the report and deleted training should no longer appear.