Transfering youth member

I have a scout (his mother) who wants to tranfer to another troop in a nearby town.
Please dont ask why they want to transfer were not even sure.
As scoutmaster can I transfer the scout through myscouting and if I can what are the steps to make this happen.
Thank you all and stay safe.

If the other unit has online apps turned on and if both units have active charters, you can go to > menu > your unit > roster. Click the scout’s name and transfer. Then, fill out the other unit’s info. Note that you must include the full 4-digit unit number including leading zeroes. Then, a key three from the other unit will need to accept the app via application manager.


MYST Transfer tool Unit.pdf (191.2 KB)
MYST Transfer tool.pdf (222.1 KB)

I just transfered the scout following your instructions. His mom sent me the following email:
I just received a notification that a transfer request was put in. But when I log to the account, it shows 4 transfer/multiple applications, and I can’t confirm any of them. I’m not sure what happened on your end.

Can you tell me what I did wrong or what to tell her?
Thank you

I doubt you did anything wrong, unless you submitted it multiple times. Perhaps the mother also applied online through beascout or something? Regardless she shouldn’t have to do anything. Only the receiving unit would.

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