Need Help Transferring Scout to New Troop

We have a scout who moved, and I can’t easily figure out how to get his record to his new troop. TIA.

if it is in council - Key 3 can go to > Roster > Select Scout > click transfer at top

MYST Transfer tool Unit.pdf (191.2 KB)

The scout has moved out of state, so not within council.

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Then only parents can do it with beascout and the new unit

I need some help. I have a scout from Puerto Rico Council 661 from T163 who has moved to Vermont. We are trying to have the parent fill out a new online application as we have done for out of council transfers. Then we would reach out to you to merge the two scoutbook accounts and bam we are all set. However the parent when they fill out the new application keep getting errors about cloning and transfers. Yet she has explicitly told me she has done a new application.
What needs to be done to get him transferred to our Troop at this point? Our Council has routed me to the forums for assistance.
Scout - TA - 13992970 of T0163 in Puerto Rico Council 661
We need him to be in Green Mountain Council 592 into T0611.

Thank you for your assistance.

@WilliamKett I changed the primary member ID on her account to the one that has the parent relationship. Her username is her email address. Give it until tomorrow for systems to sync up and have her try again.

Thank you

I will see how things are tomorrow.

That seemed to do it. Thank you!! She was able to register him.

He has a new BSA ID. Any chance you can merge the two together?

14343686 - new
13992970 - old

Hi @jacobfetzer! I am having a similar issue.
We have moved from NY to IA and I’m having difficulty following the online steps to change councils.

Leader- EM- BSA# 135914146
Scout- JM- BSA# 135914145
Scout- JM- BSA# 135914064
of T431 of Greater Niagara Frontier Council

We all need to be moved to Mid-Iowa Council/ Twin Rivers Pack 0180

Thank you in advance!

@ErinMichaels1 then you need to register in the council - MIDs do not change councils

You should be able to submit a transfer app for The first scout and yourself using

The second one has CM (MID 135914064) listed as the parent in the membership DB. So, he could creat a my.scouting account or you could call your old council and ask them to add you with a parent relationship.

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I see nine different member numbers for this scout. Has he moved around that much?

His registration under the new member number isn’t listed as being current (although it’s not expired yet). Can you start by calling your council to see what’s up with his registration?

Our council is swamped and has very little staff to assist. They said they will try to look at it. He might have moved around a bit but he is only 14 so I don’t think he has moved too much. The mother kept trying to register him over and over. it is possible it created multiple accounts? Do you or other admins see anything that might assist us. He has not dropped into our records in Scoutbook yet. We’d really like to get him added so we can help him advance in scouting.

Thank you for your volunteering to help us and other units with our issues. We really appreciate it.

It looks like the registration was finalized subsequent to my previous message. I’ve requested a sync to scoutbook. So, hopefully, they’ll come in by tomorrow.

awesome news. crossing fingers. Thank you very much Jacob!!!

So he did not show up yet in scoutbook. Any other thoughts? This is obviously not a typical issue.

I agree. It seems like the syncs are either delayed more than normal or not working based on other issues we are seeing right now. We are asking IT to look into it.

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The scout is now showing up in scoutbook. This is awesome! Thank you and thank the IT Helpdesk who got this fixed for us!

Thank you for volunteering your time Jacob. It is greatly appreciated.

Bill Kett
Green Mountain Council
Scoutbook Admin

This seems to be partially fixed as scouts have come into scoutbook but in some cases without their parent connection.