Transfer scouts from Pack to troop

Hi. I am not sure what is the most appropriate way to transfer scouts from a pack to a troop once they earned their AOL rank. I can do it individually, for each one, on their membership data, but I can also use the transfer feature in my.scouting. Which one should I use?

I would recommend that you use the one at my.scouting.

However, please make sure you coordinate with the gaining troop(s) to make sure they understand what they need to do to approve the Scout transfer at their end.

Thank you! Will do so.

Jennifer, I am the admin/advancement chair for our troop and ALWAYS have issues every year with transfers. All appears to be fine at first and then scouts dissappear, old scouts pop in out of nowhere or im denied acces to scouts. I’ve never done the transfer from my.scouting so I’d like to try that this year. I need to let the Pack admin know how to do this so if you wouldn’t mind providing guidance on what the pack admin needs to do and what I need to do as the troop admin, I would greatly appreciate it!

Last question, since we are transferring them within my.scouting, is there a need to have the parents fill out paper transfer apps for their scouts?

@JessicaSullivan4 Donovan created a help document on how to use the my.scouting (MYST) transfer tool:

If you use the my.scouting transfer tool, then the parents do not have to fill out a paper app for their Scout. However, you want want to confirm their Scout’s information (address, etc.) after the transfer. If needed, a unit Key 3 or a Key 3 Delegate can update the Scout’s information at my.scouting.

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Hello Jennifer-
I’ve transferred all 9 new scouts through my.scouting, however, Step 3 Payment/Checkout seems to be grayed out. How do I change this as there is no payment because they’re transfers?

@JessicaSullivan4 Please detail the exact steps you took. When I’ve followed this process, there is not a payment step.

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@JessicaSullivan4 - i transferred scouts from the pack and have not had a payment step. It was a matter of accepting the scouts in the troop side. Why do i suspect that it was an application process at beascout

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All is good now. I went into each and accepted them. They all said complete, but the last phase was grayed out. It just took a few hours for the scouts to appear in our roster and disappear from the pending applications in my.scouting.

Thanks for the help!

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