Transferred Scout having issues with duplicate account and no rank under Scoutbook in current Unit

Trying to help a Scout whom transferred out of our Troop with his Scoutbook setup in his current unit. Am not certain how versed his new Troop is with Scoutbook.

The Scout moved out of state Summer/Fall 2021. In December 2021 someone in our unit received an Scoutbook email notification that his new Unit transferred him. Was under the impression only in Council transfer works in Scoutbook/My.Scouting.

The most recent request for help transferring him was fwd an email that included name misspellings references somewhere/someplace. There was a poor cell phone picture of his current patrol showing 2 records for the Scout. One record included the sync with national symbol and other with yellow triangle. Both accounts state no rank but should be Life scout working on Eagle. It was hard to see the name spellings between lowercase e and a.

When I search with this BSA ID and last name, I can see his Scout record along with rank. It shows a different unit number which I assume is his new Troop.

So not clear to me why even his synced account is showing no rank under Scoutbook

130036571 is the BSA ID
14168010 is another BSAID. This might be a duplicate since it includes his patrol name on BSA history report and joined 1/1/2022. This account appears to be one with a misspelling of first name ending in ‘en’ where it should be ‘an’

Something with his registration or transfer into his new unit seems disjoint currently and is presumably impacting Scoutbook showing his information correctly.

@DaveBuckley I have merged the Scout’s Scoutbook accounts.

The Scout’s new council will need to correct the spelling of his first name.

It was spelled correctly under 130036571. Was that the retained account?

I have to use 14168010, because that’s his current BSA member number. However, I kept the original Scoutbook account and merged the other two into it.

Thank you for correcting this duplicate account issue. Seems like these happen often is an understatement.

I am having a similar issue with my son after moving last year - 2 BSA ID’s.
Original BSA ID#135337419
New BSA ID#14227544
The original shows his new PACK, but is missing his AOL and all events from Dec21-Apr22. The new ID reflects his new Troop assignment. I would like to get his accounts merged so we can have one record reflect his entire scouting career. Thank-you for any help!

Duplicate accounts happen when an individual is registered under 2 different names (FN, MN and LN must match exactly) or dates of birth. This is why we always say to register with the full legal name.


Not sure about middle but first name was misspelled in this case in Scouts new Unit/Council. With transfers, not sure why name has to be entered again anyways. However with a legacy systems it wasn’t something put into having a truely singular national system with globally unique entry. One of the duplicates looked to be not synced with National, so presuming that was something added at the unit level.

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